5 Tips to Follow When Planning a Romantic Getaway in Ohio

By Tim Zimmer; Updated August 11, 2017

Tips your S.O. is sure to love

5 Tips to Follow When Planning a Romantic Getaway in Ohio

So, good old Midwestern Ohio might not be the first state that comes to mind when planning a romantic getaway. There are, however, a surprising number of impressive romantic spots to be found in the Buckeye State. Best of all, some of Ohio's most romantic activities bring the charm without breaking the bank. So, follow some tips, then follow your heart to Ohio.

1. Set a date

Planning a trip in advance seems like a no-brainer, but knowing when to visit is almost as important as knowing where to go. In Ohio, nothing is more romantic than a snow-filled getaway on Valentine's Day. Couples who embrace the outdoors can create magical memories with a bit of open-air stargazing from one of Ohio's many horse-drawn carriages or exploration of the Amish countryside. In addition, couples can explore one of Ohio's many awe-inspiring castles – some built more than a century ago – and find some private time in one of the state's many secluded log cabins. Ohio's Tuscan-inspired vineyards, authentic farmers markets, hiking trails, and resorts alongside Lake Erie are perfect locales for a romantic retreat in the warmer months.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure the environment complements the activity. More often than not, this means visiting when the weather is cool and festivities are in full swing.

2. Verify the activity

Once your romantic getaway game plan is set, it's best to verify that the activity is accessible and available. There's nothing worse – or more embarrassing – than traveling all the way down to the southeastern Ohio countryside only to realize that your romantic walk or downhill skiing adventure is no longer possible.

3. Reserve a room

Once you have your romantic activities mapped out and verified, reserving a room should be the next item on your checklist. Ohio has an abundance of resorts that are sure to impress your significant other, from ski resorts in the northeast to lake houses and wineries along the Lake Erie shore. Once you book a room at one of Ohio's resorts, inns, or bed-and-breakfasts, make sure to confirm your reservation before you leave. No one wants to be denied at the check-in counter. Also, be aware that Ohio's many lakeside retreats and spectacular castles – some of which offer "murder mysteries" and gaming events – fill up fast, so reserve your room well in advance.

4. Dress appropriately

This tip should speak for itself. If you're visiting a quaint bed-and-breakfast and exploring the Ohio countryside in February, make sure to bring winter attire and an extra pair of gloves. If you're staying at a chic hotel and visiting a winery, bring business casual attire. Just make sure to take weather and activities into consideration when you pack.

5. Set the tone

Perhaps the most important feature of a romantic getaway in Ohio is the tone. If there's a lack of enthusiasm for the trip at the outset, no one's going to find romance at any point along the way – sipping wine, dining by candlelight or picking berries. Make sure your significant other is up for what's planned. Given the state's myriad romantic activities and destinations, excitement should be in abundance, making sure you both head home in high spirits.

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