What to Wear in Las Vegas

By Amy Curtis; Updated June 08, 2017

Dress to impress with this handy Vegas clothing guide

What to Wear in Las Vegas

Headed to Las Vegas? How exciting! Once you’ve planned your trip and booked your room, the next step is figuring out what to pack. There’s nowhere quite like Vegas when it comes to self-expression. But while you’re embracing your inner Elvis or indulging your wild side, you’ll still want to pack with some degree of practicality in mind. Here are a few things to consider when deciding what to wear in Las Vegas.

What’s on your itinerary?

Are you sightseeing? Hiking? Hitting the clubs? Seeing a show? If you’re like most people, you’re probably going to try to do a little bit of everything. You’ll want to bring a bathing suit, some comfortable casual wear and dress clothes for an evening out. No matter what’s on the agenda, you can’t go wrong packing simple, comfortable attire and using bold accessories to make a statement.

Remember, there may be a dress code.
While casinos don’t typically have dress codes, nightclubs and some restaurants do. For a night out at the club, men should plan on business casual attire. Women have more options and can wear a dress, a jumpsuit or even nice shorts with heels. Fine dining establishments require suits for men and elegant cocktail dresses for women. Even at the pool, use some decorum – hotels expect guests to wear a cover-up.

Heed the desert climate.

Three hundred days a year of Las Vegas sun can be brutal, so whatever else you’re wearing, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Remember, too, that desert nights can be chilly, so a light jacket is a must-have, even in summer. In winter, Vegas is surprisingly cool, sometimes dipping into the 30s, so make sure you’re prepared for chilly nights if you visit during the winter months. No matter when you visit, layers are your friend.

Shoes can make or break your Vegas trip.

Obviously, you’re going to want some fabulous footwear for a night out on the town, but remember, the Strip is a little over four miles long. Even if you plan to take taxis everywhere, you’re going to be hoofing it quite a bit, and some comfortable walking shoes will make your visit much more enjoyable.

No matter what, pack light!

Pack clothes you can dress up or down and use accessories to make them interesting. Try and restrict yourself to a carry-on bag. One thing women can leave at home? The big purse. Choose a small cross-body bag just big enough for your ID and a few other necessities, so you’re not constantly having to keep track of a giant handbag.

Expect the unexpected.

It’s Las Vegas, after all! That’s another vote for keeping your clothing simple, comfortable and versatile so you'll be prepared for whatever your trip might throw your way. Keep some slack in your schedule in case you decide to leave the beaten path for awhile and keep some room in your suitcase for those unexpected purchases.

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