How to Update my TomTom

By Danielle Fernandez; Updated June 08, 2017

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How to Update my TomTom

While digital maps eliminate the hassle of their printed, folded counterpart, you may still discover that the map data saved in your TomTom device has become outdated. Instead of getting frustrated by missing, incomplete or entirely wrong locations and directions, perform a periodic update to keep your next trip on the right track.

Getting started

The MyDrive Connect app (compatible with Windows and Mac OS versions back to Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.7, respectively) is essential for updating your TomTom device, so be sure to install it on your computer before beginning the update process. You'll also need an active internet connection while the device is connected to your computer. These update instructions apply for most TomTom GO, TomTom Start and TomTom VIA models, as well as TomTom Rider, TomTom Trucker, Blue& ME TomTom2, and TomTom Sony XNV devices.

Performing the Update

  1. Begin by first connecting your TomTom to your computer, then power on the

    navigation device. If the MyDrive Connect app doesn't automatically launch, manually open the application.  2. Log into the system using your email address (if you're not already logged in). You can select "Remember my email address" if you don't want to be prompted to enter it again the next time you attempt to update your device.
    3. Click "Update selected," then acknowledge the pending data update by clicking "Accept and Install" when prompted. 4. Allow the software to download and install the new update to your device. Progress will be displayed as it processes. 5. When the update is complete, a confirmation message displays, alerting you that it is safe to disconnect your device. 

MyDrive Connect Icons

The MyDrive Connect app displays three different icons to indicate your device status:

  1. A blue circle with a white arrow indicates that an update is available for your device.
  2. Two hands with a blue dot indicate that the update is downloading or installing. Do not unplug your TomTom device while this icon is displayed.
  3. Two hands with a red exclamation symbol indicate that important updates are pending installation. To automatically initiate the process, disconnect and then reconnect your TomTom.

Other Considerations

  • If you connect your TomTom GPS and find that it does not indicate that an update is available for your device, the software is already current. Simply disconnect your TomTom from your computer. 
  • For a faster and typically more stable download, connect to the internet using a wired connection.
  • The time in which you download each update is determined both by the size of the update as well as your internet connection speed.
  • If your download or update installation seems to lag or fail entirely, check your antivirus software to see if it's causing issues with the process.

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