Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

By Richard Corrigan; Updated June 08, 2017

Your ultimate guide to Sin City

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Whether you're in town to roll the dice or catch a show, Las Vegas can be thrilling in any season. That said, certain times of the year offer unique opportunities. Be it beating the crowds, experiencing the perfect weather or even saving a buck on your accommodations, getting the timing just right makes all the difference in the world.

Las Vegas weather

The climate in Las Vegas is quite agreeable throughout most of the year, with comfortable temperatures and a virtually nonexistent chance of rain. Spring and fall bring temperatures in the 70s and 80s, though winter can be a bit more unpredictable. Wintertime highs in the 50s and 60s are common, but a sudden cold snap can drive temps down into the 30s or even lower, so it's a good idea to bring cold-weather clothing just in case.

But summer is another story. Every year, usually around mid-June, somebody forgets to turn the oven off, and temperatures skyrocket in the desert to the upper 90s and beyond. The average daily high in July – just average, mind you – is a roasting 105 F. Bring sunscreen.

Avoiding the crowds

Naturally, the summer months are the ideal time to go to Vegas if you want to beat the crowds and avoid long lines at the buffet. Not many people visit the city during the sweltering summer months, and that does have its benefits. Honestly, most of the attractions in Las Vegas are indoors, so the heat won't affect you as much as it might in some other places.

Late fall and early winter also see a dip in the number of tourists, since many people stay home during the holidays. But things really pick up after Christmas. New Year's is one of the busiest times in Vegas, and the city continues to be a hopping place throughout winter.

Cheapest time to visit

If you want a cheaper hotel room, visit in summer. Just make sure that the hotel has air conditioning and a pool. Nightly rates stay fairly steady throughout most of the year, except for a major dip during summer and a spike in early fall as the tourists begin to return. You can save even more by skipping the weekends and visiting midweek. It's always a good idea to book well in advance and check the schedule for conventions and other events, which can temporarily cause hotel costs to skyrocket at any time of year.

Best of the best

Overall, the best times to visit Las Vegas are late spring and late fall. These seasons offer enjoyable weather and manageable crowds, along with a chance to take advantage of affordable travel deals. Las Vegas often fills up in March, which sees spring break and March Madness crowds, so if you're visiting in spring, make it April or May. If you go to Las Vegas in fall, you're likely to save on travel costs by taking your trip late in the season.

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