Best Time of Year to Visit Colorado Springs

By Amy Curtis; Updated June 08, 2017

Make the most of sunny skies and natural wonders in Colorado’s second-largest city

The Best Time of Year to Visit Colorado Springs

South of Denver sits Colorado Springs, a place so gorgeous it prompted Katharine Lee Bates to pen, “America the Beautiful” from atop its highest peak. It gets about 243 days of sun each year; it’s full of beautiful parks and breathtaking views; and it was voted one of the top places to live. Obviously, it’s worth a visit, but when is the best time to go?

Best time to visit

Colorado Springs is best experienced in the spring and fall. Spring is perfectly lovely, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and whitewater rafting enhanced by the melting snows in the mountains. Fall is brilliant with color, as the autumn foliage puts on a spectacular show. Because both spring and fall are outside the peak tourist season, hotels are not as expensive or as crowded as they are in summer.

The tourist season: Summer in Colorado Springs

The summers are hot and dry, though not too hot to restrict outdoor activity. Temperatures in the 70s and 80s are a draw for many people, as are the summer festivals. The primary consideration that might steer you away from a summer visit is the overcrowding – summer is peak tourist season. Winter is not too frigid in Colorado Springs, with typical highs in the 40s, but many of the hotels are closed. The good news? The ones that are open are reasonably priced.


If you’re planning a visit any time during the winter, up until March, it’s a good idea to check well in advance to make sure your intended hotel will be open. Spontaneity is wonderful until you arrive in town during the off-season and find you have nowhere to stay.

The weather in Colorado Springs is rarely bad

As you’ve probably gathered, there’s really no wrong time to visit Colorado Springs as far as weather is concerned. The highest the temperature gets in the summer is typically about 85 degrees, and it doesn’t get lower than about 16 in the winter. Sunny days abound, and the average rainfall is about half the national average. It all adds up to a paradise for outdoorsy types or for anyone who appreciates nature.

Tourism in Colorado is on the rise

In the past few years, the state has experienced a boom in tourism: In 2015, almost 78 million people visited Colorado, and 2016 may have broken that record. Colorado Springs is high on the list of preferred destinations, because it has so many great things to do. Visitors can climb, drive or take a train to the top of Pikes Peak or explore the Garden of the Gods. You’ll find hiking, rafting, biking, horseback riding and much more to keep you busy and entertained throughout your visit. The best way to enjoy it is to choose your timing wisely, so you’re not shoulder to shoulder in a crowd of tourists.

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