Planning for Romantic Cruises for Couples

By Karon Warren; Updated June 08, 2017

Top tips to sail away with your special someone

Planning for Romantic Cruises for Couples

You’re heading out on a cruise with your significant other and can hardly wait to set sail. You’re more than ready to spend some quality time together, relaxing and enjoying time alone. However, finding time for just the two of you on a cruise ship with a couple thousand other travelers may seem impossible unless you spend the entire trip in the stateroom. Couples can create a romantic cruise for themselves by following these five tips.

1. Get pampered

Many cruise spas offer couples’ massages where you and your loved one can undergo some much-deserved pampering. In addition, take advantage of the spa’s other facilities such as thalassotherapy pools, saunas and steam rooms to further relax before or after any treatments. Spa appointments can be booked any time after the cruise is booked, so go ahead and make these appointments to line up the exact treatment and time you want. This is especially important if visiting the spa on sea days as these appointments fill up fast.

2. Splurge on fine dining

Most cruise ships offer dinner at specialty restaurants for an additional fee. Take advantage of this option to have an intimate dinner for two in a setting usually much quieter and less crowded than the main dining room. Like spa appointments, dinner reservations at specialty restaurants can be made online after the cruise is booked.

3. Head to the adults-only section

A lot of cruise lines designate specific areas of the ship as “adults-only.” These areas could refer to certain decks as well as specific swimming pools. Seek them out and grab some lounge chairs together in a corner. Most, if not all, “adults-only” areas usually include bar service, so couples also can share a cocktail.

4. Don’t miss the natural attractions

Nothing is more romantic than watching the sun set together or gazing at the stars trying to find the constellations. Cruises are the ideal place to do just this because you’ll encounter no competition from city lights, trees or skyscrapers. Find some seats on the top deck of the ship, or enjoy these moments from the privacy of the stateroom balcony. True romantics can make their way to the front of the ship and re-create the iconic “Titanic” scene of Jack and Rose “flying” along the water.

5. Don’t overlook in-room amenities

Sending tokens of affection to loved ones always sets the stage for romance, and cruise lines can do just this with a variety of amenity packages. Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries? Flowers? Spa robes and towels? Anniversary cake? Whatever the occasion, or even just because, the cruise lines are ready to make the trip special for couples.

Setting sail with thousands of cruise passengers may seem like the least-romantic way couples could spend a vacation. The reality, though, is that couples can have one of the most romantic vacations ever as they cross the sea.

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