What to Wear in San Francisco in June

By Natalie Saar; Updated August 11, 2017

Easy, breezy style for early summer in San Francisco

What to Wear in San Francisco in June

San Francisco is one of California’s most diverse cities, offering visitors a seemingly endless array of activities, from driving across the legendary Golden Gate bridge to sampling the fresh seafood on Pier 39. However, it’s not necessarily the state’s most sunny city. Even when visiting in the month of June, the City can get downright gloomy with bursts of sunshine in between. Follow these tips for a simple packing list to last the whole trip.

Prepare for the microclimates

The phrase "microclimate" is a common one in San Francisco. This bayside city experiences all kinds of weather, and while the temperature hovers around the mid 60s, don’t be surprised if it creeps up toward 80 degrees F or down to 50 degrees F, all within the same day or two.

This means that any packing list needs a few versatile staples, starting with a good pair of walking shoes; parking is notoriously tough in this city. Pack a comfy pair of sneakers that can also withstand a surprise rain drizzle – this means leave the suede at home. A lightweight windbreaker will protect against any overly breezy days, but won’t take up too much room in a suitcase. Additionally, a short sleeve or three-quarter-sleeve shirt is advisable in case the sun suddenly warms up.

Leave the swimsuits at home

Unless the hotel has a particularly tempting pool or spa, swimsuits likely won’t make it out of the suitcase on a trip to SF. The Pacific Ocean is 57 degrees F on average during June, which makes it a bit too chilly to swim in without a wet suit, anyway. This means that all of the extras like coverups won’t be necessary, either. And, of course, since it likely won’t get colder than 50 degrees F at night, heavier winter wear won’t be necessary, either.

Go out on the town

While most of San Francisco is a casual paradise for walkers, it’s also a very culturally artistic city. So, pack a nice outfit for a night out on the town. Places like Chinatown’s Mister Jiu’s offer an opportunity to explore one of the city’s most renowned neighborhoods while enjoying a delectable meal –don’t forget to make a reservation. However, since nearly every destination in this city requires some walking, pack a pair of comfortable heels or walking shoes and a sweater or trendy jacket in case the fog rolls in and kicks up a breeze.

The good news is that if a trip to San Francisco involves a bit of work, most business-casual outfits will be just warm enough for the cool June temps, but not too hot, either.

Pack light

Traveling to San Francisco in June may require a few extra layers, but plan them to be versatile. For example, a lightweight cardigan can make all of the difference when the sun is playing peekaboo with the clouds, and can be paired with almost any other piece. This makes traveling for a weekend or a few days easy to do with one carry-on suitcase.

However, for longer trips or if luggage is no object, pack a few trendy items, as well. San Francisco is a city of artists, and many residents choose to express themselves through their attire. Instead of one sensible sweater, consider a floor-length version that can easily transition from a day of sightseeing to a night on the town. Comfortable boots may also be another item to supplement daily walking shoes.

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