About the Weather in St. Louis

By Teo Spengler; Updated September 26, 2017

Have yourself a great time in the biggest city on the Great Plains

About the Weather in St. Louis

St. Louis is the biggest city on the Great Plains and one of the new startup areas in the country. If work or fun takes you there, it helps to know beforehand what kind of weather to expect. Whether you're headed to meetings or out to explore the town's famous 63-story Gateway Arch, your packing and itinerary will depend on the weather.

Summer highs to winter lows

St. Louis has classic seasons: sunny hot summers, cool falls, cold winters and fresh springs. July high temperatures can climb to 87 degrees F, while lows in January plummet to 23 degrees F, well under freezing.

Count on 42 inches of rain every year and 15 inches of snow. Some kind of precipitation is likely to fall on 74 days, while sunshine predominates on 202 days.

Obviously, the weather you experience will vary month to month. But one thing to note is that it rains a lot. Rain falls pretty much year round, although May gets the most, at 4 inches. January gets the least at just over 2 inches.

Packing for St. Louis

When someone tells you to "Meet me in St. Louis," what goes in your suitcase? This depends in large part on what season you intend to go.

For a spring or fall trip, take layers to keep you warm in case of a cold snap. Think jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts for top dressing. Then jeans, not shorts, given the chilly weather, and comfy walking shoes. Don't forget the umbrella since carrying umbrellas is common here. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, springtime in St. Louis will push your buttons, so bring your allergy meds, too.

Summer temperatures soar, so for trips in June, July or August, pack lightweight, easy-care fabrics that you can wash one night and wear the next morning. Short-sleeved or sleeveless tops are essential, and even a sundress works for seeing the sights. Toss in a lightweight jacket, too, in case you get chilled by the omnipresent air conditioning.

There's no denying that St. Louis in winter is cold. If your visit falls in December, January or February, be prepared to face the blast. Bring a very thick, warm coat, a toasty scarf, gloves and even ear muffs. Bring winter boots and multiple pairs of thick socks.

Pack clothing to fit your activities

When you are packing for your trip to St. Louis, check your itinerary. The types of activities you're planning in this river city will dictate to some degree the clothes you should bring.

If your visit includes nights out to Powell Symphony Hall to hear the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra or the Fabulous Fox Theatre for a musical or concert, you'll need dressier clothes and shoes. If you plan to spend most of your time outdoors exploring the many attractions of the enormous Forest Park (bigger than Central Park by 500 acres), jeans or shorts and casual shirts would be appropriate.

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