Does DFW Have Free Wi-Fi?

By Emily Zemler; Updated August 11, 2017

Getting online before your flight in Dallas

Does DFW Have Free Wi-Fi?

Travelers spend a lot of time sitting around airports, whether it's before a flight or during a layover. It can be essential to have access to Wi-Fi during a journey, especially if you need to catch up on work or you simply want entertainment during a long wait. When flying out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a large airport that serves the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas (and is a hub for American Airlines), it's possible to connect to the internet. The airport offers free access to Wi-Fi, courtesy of AT&T, and it's easy to get online.

Q: Where is the Wi-Fi available?

A: The complimentary Wi-Fi is available to travelers in all five terminals and gate areas, as well as in the parking garages. All you need to connect is a Wi-Fi-ready device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Q: How does it work?

A: There are a few easy steps to follow to log onto the internet at DFW. First, be sure you've turned on the Wi-Fi signal of the mobile device you want to use. You can connect to two possible networks, depending on what sort of device you have. For older devices, connect to the "attwifi" hot spot, which has a connection speed of 2.4 GHz. For newer devices, such as an iPhone 7, connect to the "att-24" hot spot, which has a connection speed of 5.8 GHz. If you're not sure which speed is best for your device, try the faster "att-24" first.

Once online, log in and accept the terms and conditions. To access the free Wi-Fi, you must provide an email address and agree to sign up for the DFW Airwire e-newsletter. The newsletter includes news, promotions and updates from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. You can elect to unsubscribe from the newsletter at a later time.

Once an email address is entered, your device will instantly connect to the internet for unlimited use.

Q: Are there any restrictions?

A: No. Provided you enter your email address and personal information and accept the terms and conditions, the Wi-Fi is free without restrictions. Be sure your device has enough charge before heading to the airport, and surf away. It's always important to note, however, that it is not advisable to send financial or personal information over shared Wi-Fi networks. Save your banking or online shopping for home, and use the DFW Wi-Fi only for purposes where your personal information can't be compromised.

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