Every Question You Have About Auckland Answered

By Kathryn Walsh; Updated September 26, 2017

Flying high in New Zealand's largest city

Every Question You Have About Auckland Answered

You probably won't see any hobbits in Auckland, but they're not too far away. New Zealand's biggest city has all the attractions and conveniences of a modern urban center. When you need a break from the rush, get out of town and explore some of the country's spectacular natural beauty. Getting to New Zealand takes a long time. Once you're there, though, you may not want to leave.

Q: How many airports are in Auckland?

A: The Auckland Airport is the major airline hub for all of New Zealand. It's the largest international airport in the country. The Ardmore Airport is also in Auckland, but it serves primarily as the home base for flight schools and private planes, not passenger flights. The North Island has several airports that operate domestic flights, and another international airport is located in Wellington.

Q: How long is the flight from Sydney to Auckland?

A: Flights between Sydney and Auckland take just over three hours, generally. These flights are always direct because the Tasman Sea is all that separates the two cities.

Q: How long is the flight from Auckland to Queenstown?

A: If you want to explore all of New Zealand, flying from Auckland to Queenstown is a good way to do it. Auckland is near the northern tip of the North Island, while Queenstown is in the southern half of the South Island. The nonstop flight between the two cities takes just under two hours.

Q: How long is the flight from Auckland to Los Angeles?

A: Settle in: the trip between Auckland and Los Angeles takes just over 12 hours on a nonstop flight. If you book a flight that has a connection (many carriers sell tickets that include layovers in Sydney), the journey could take 14 hours or longer.

Q: What is the weather like in Auckland?

A: It's lovely, most of the time. The average summer temperature is around 75 degrees F, while winter averages are in the high 50s. (But remember, Auckland is in the Southern hemisphere, so its seasons are the reverse of North America's. New Zealand also measures temperatures in Celsius, rather than Fahrenheit.) Summers are humid in Auckland, and the city gets a fair amount of rain year-round.

Q: How high is the Auckland Harbour bridge?

A: At its highest point, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is 64 meters above the water. That's equivalent to about 210 feet and translates roughly to the same height as an 18- to 20-story building.

Q: How high is Sky Tower Auckland?

A: The Sky Tower is one of Auckland's most famous landmarks, and its distinct shape and height make it the most famous building in the city's landscape. It's Auckland's tallest structure by far. The Sky Tower is 328 meters tall, equivalent to 1,076 feet tall. However, the tallest Sky Tower observation deck that visitors can access is 220 meters, or about 722 feet, above street level.

  • The Sky Tower is a skyscraper that combines dining, views and adventure. It has a casual cafe and upscale restaurant and bar, plus a few observation decks. Thrill-seekers can also bungee jump off the building or strap into a harness and walk around a narrow platform that encircles the building, 192 meters up.

Q: What should I visit in Auckland?

A: The Sky Tower offers views and experiences you can't get anywhere else in Auckland, so it's worth visiting. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is also a must-see for all visitors to New Zealand. Head out to Waiheke Island to explore the natural beauty of the area, and visit Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and the sprawling Cornwell Park, too.

  • The Auckland War Memorial Museum is devoted to all things New Zealand. Its collections feature everything from the country's ancient history to modern times, and include art and artifacts. The museum is a great place to learn about the history and tradition of New Zealand's indigenous people, the Maori.
  • Waiheke Island is a 35-minute ferry ride off the coast of Auckland. It's known for its many vineyards, walking trails and beaches.

Q: How can I go to Hobbiton from Auckland?

A: The popularity of the "Lord of the Rings" movies continues to bring visitors to New Zealand, to see the landscape that served as the backdrop for the films. As such, the movie sets that made up the village of Hobbiton were left standing for visitors to tour. Hobbiton is located in Matamata, about a two-hour drive from Auckland. The drive can be harrowing for people who aren't used to driving in New Zealand. For most people, taking part in an organized bus tour is better than driving. Single-day tours leave daily from Auckland.

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